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Adult Art Classes

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Prior enrolment is essential. To enrol:
•   Call into our enrolment office/art supply shop on the ground floor, Square Edge building to make a payment
•   or ... email us to enrol. Then pay online into our bank account 38 9018 0039916 00
•   or ... go directly to the booking site to enrol and pay

Draw With Confidence
Cost: $150.00
Duration: 6 weeks
Thursdays, 7pm-9pm.
Term 3: 25th Aug, Term 4: 3rd Nov
Drawing is a skill that anyone can learn, like riding a bicycle. In this course you will be guided through the different techniques enabling you to draw successfully. Learn realistic drawing skills using subject matter of your own choice from still life to landscapes, portraits, or architecture.

Elements of Landscape Painting
Cost: $150.00
Duration: 6 weeks
Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm.
Term 3: 24 Aug, Term 4: 2 Nov
Being able to see the landscape as an artist is an important skill and it is how a painting always starts. Becoming aware of this enables you to see the endless beauty which is all around us. You will find interesting painting opportunities and inspiration in the everyday world.
Paint the landscape and landscape elements, both natural and manmade.

Watercolour Painting
Cost: $150.00
Duration: 8 weeks
Tuesdays, 1pm-3pm.
Term 3: 23 Aug
We will introduce you to the materials and techniques required to create a watercolour painting. You will learn how to match and mix colours and create effective washes through a variety of guided and practical sessions. Focusing on the landscape, you will explore the importance of tone, how to build layers with watercolour, and how different brands and pigments vary in quality and application. You will experiment and learn that some of the most interesting results are achieved by simply going with the flow of the paint and seeing where it takes you.

Life Drawing
Cost: $150.00
Duration: 6 weeks
Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm.
Term 2: 31 May, Term 3: 23 Aug, Term 4: 1 Nov
Life Drawing is the artistic tradition of drawing the human body from a live, unclothed model. Your tutor will assist you to explore different ways of representing the human form in pencil, pastel or charcoal. Suitable for absolute beginners or the artist needing practise.

Introduction to Art - a six-week taster
Cost: $175.00
Duration: 6 weeks
Wednesdays, 1pm-3:30pm.
Term 3: 24 Aug, Term 4: 2 Nov
"Find your artistic talents". Do you want to express yourself artistically but are unsure where to start? We have designed this course to help you find your creative path. Each week you will explore a different topic and medium from drawing to pastels to paint; giving you a chance to experiment with different materials and ideas. Some materials for this course are supplied.

Introduction to Printmaking ($50 worth of materials supplied)
Cost: $180.00
Duration: 6 weeks
Fridays, 1:30pm-3:30pm.
Term 3: 26 Aug, Term 4: 4 Nov
Printmaking is one of the oldest art-making techniques around and for a good reason! It's messy, keeps you on your toes and it's fun for anyone to learn. With demonstrations and guidance from your tutor, you will be introduced to the joys of mono-printing, stencil-making, and woodcut printing for yourself. You will finish this 6-week course with some new skills and even a few finished prints to take home.